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Part of the Fringilliade family, finches are migratory birds, that are widely spread in delta areas and in mountain areas even at altitudes of 1500 meters. They are small birds of only 14-18 cm height. Finches are found both throughout Europe and in Africa and Asia, and they occupy very large areas.

The difference between the sexes is characterized by the reddish color of the males, goiter and chest, the sides of their bodies are brown. The female finches have a brown plumage with shades of gray, with spots in some places even if not a very colored bird it is a very pleasant appearance. Finch nest is built by the females, consisting of plant roots, tree bark, moss and straws. The female usually deposits 4 to 5 eggs in April, that are hatched about 13 days later. The females can deposit eggs 2-3 times per year depending on food abundance. This birds are particularly popular because of their pastel plumage.

Finches feed on berries, seeds, insects, larvae, being able to easily find food and shelter regardless of whether conditions. During mating season the male sings very loud and they can even suffer a change of plumage in a more colorful one to attract female finches.

Their nest is often built usually in a secluded area that can be a nearby forest or one of the many trees, creating a special character of the species. Strange or not, in many Western countries finches are becoming pets replacing, parrots and other remaining birds established for this purpose.

In some countries of Europe male finches can stay for the winter while females and young birds migrate in North Africa or South West Asia.

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