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Yellow Winged Sugar Bird Informations Pictures

Yellow Winged Sugar Bird 02

Yellow Winged Sugar Bird

They can be kept in cages or in aviaries whit different species of birds but they don’t get along if to many pairs are kept in a small place since they don’t like crowded spaces.

The Yellow Winged Sugar Bird is part of the tanager family and they originate in the Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Trinidad in the northern parts of South America. Although it prefers the low land it has been seen at altitudes up to 2200m.

Height 10 – 13 cm.
Weigh around 14 grams.

Their plumage is bright and colorful; the cobalt color spreads across their body, the head, shoulders and neck are dark blue, the chest and part of the wings is yellow and the legs and beak are black.
The died of the Yellow Winged Sugar Bird consists in fruits like pineapple, pears, bananas small berries and small insects.

The bird can breed in different zones of the world even in captivity if the required temperature and humidity conditions are met. The female Yellow Winged Sugar Bird lays one or two brownish eggs which are incubated for around 17 – 20 days before they hatch. Their beauty is only matched by their beautiful song.

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