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Peregrine Falcon Informations Pictures

Peregrine Falcon02

Peregrine Falcon

With a bright sharp and long sight the peregrine falcon can reach speed of 321 – 350 km / h in a dive, which makes this bird the absolute champion when it comes to speed. The peregrine falcon in cruising flight on horizontal he’s not much worst and he can reach speeds of 171 km / h in favorable weather conditions.

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His wing flapping is rapid even tow his speed is moderate while cruising, and his wings touch themselves When he strikes his pray let’s say a bunny he locks his talons in it trough a mechanical system that won’t allow him to lose it since once it locks it stays locked for a few minutes before it can be voluntarily released.

Although this bird, has been endangered for a long period it can now be find on every continent except Antarctica, numbering a total of 19 subspecies.

Females were significantly larger sizes than males. The peregrine falcon diet generally consists of other medium-sized birds, but occasionally hunt and small mammals like bats and rabbits, reptiles and even insects.

They nest on high clefs where the female will lay 3 to 4 eggs of a buttery color with some red and brown markings.

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