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This is a top favorite pet, but be careful when you buy a parrot since several factors need to be keep in mind before buying such a bird that we want to learn to talk. By choosing the right breed of parrot, we have all chances to reach the results we want. To spare you the disappointment, you should know that some birds talk more easily than others. Small parrot species do not always learn to speak and when they do it is hard to understand what they mean.


The Ringnecks Parakeets, Alexandrine, Plumheads, Cockaties and Lovebirds species have reduced performance in terms of inflection playback capability. Among them exceptional exemplars learn sounds very good. But, as in other, parrot species it’s hard to convince them to make those sounds again. So I wouldn’t recommend one of these types of small parrots, if you want to buy it in order to develop his ability to speak. However, there are various examples of small parrots that imitate great, but there are also some big ones who do not speak at all. There is no explanation for this. They just won’t! However if you choose a small parrot, remember that the best speakers are the Budgies and Cockatiels.

You’ll recognize them since they make the most noise in the pet shop. It is important to not rush when choosing a bird. Wait and observe the birds behavior. About the sex of your bird we can not give you anything except vague information because it can only be determined after long observation. You might like to buy a male. King of all speakers is named red-tailed parrot African Gray. There are situations in which, even if you have a selected item, endowed with the ability to imitate phenomenal sounds it can happen for the parrot to refuse to talk from time to time. Among Amazonian parrots, Napes Yellow, Blue Fronts and Double Yellowheads are the best speakers, but the necessary condition is for them to begin training from when they are small. The best candidates are talking Amazonian parrots with yellow heads (Yellowhead). When Macaw, like Scarlet, Blue or Gold learns to talk, have a voice sound hoarse and a limited vocabulary.

Cockatoo can also learn words, but, like Macaw, have limited vocabulary. But unlike the Macaw, they have a soft voice and gentle tones. Limited vocabulary actually means that they can not imitate any sound, so they can not say all the letters of the alphabet. Do not choose a shy parrot when you go to the breeders or pet store to buy a parrot that you want to learn to speak, you should try to get oriented specimens that are relaxed on the bar cage. You will notice that some are afraid and shy. There must be a specialist to figure out the difference in attitude. Do not choose a parrot that screams when you approach the cage and hide in her ass as far away from you. See their eyes. Pupil dilation and compression are signs that portend the attack, do not express fear, as we are tempted to believe. Parrot that comes to you to be comforted, scratching, which swing his sweet head from side to side will be a good speaker and a student willing to learn. If possible, choose a bird that will eat from your palm. Success!

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