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American Robin Informations Pictures


American Robin

The European robin although it shares the same name and the characteristic red chest he is part of the Flycatcher family while the American Robin is part of the Thrush family.



Length 23–28 centimeters (10–11 inch)
Weight averages about 77 grams (2.7 oz)
Wingspan around 31–41 centimeters (12.2–16 in)

Colors the neck of the American Robin is white just as the spots from underneath the tail and the arches below its eyes that pop out due to the ink black color that rarely goes into shades of grey of the American Robin head wings and tail, his chest is brown red.

Their yellow beak is used to catch food like small beetles’ worms, insects and chew berries. They also feed their chicks with it by giving them small worms or other soft bodied insects.

The nest is built by the female alone and she chooses a location that is nor to high nor to low around 3m above the ground usually having as support points the branches of a tree but she can settle for the use of other more newer supports such as a lamp and a wall or a roof, etc. The eggs she lays there are hatched after 14 days and the chicks can handle themselves 2 weeks after that.

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